Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Of all the seasons, fall is absolutely hands-down my favorite. I just LOVE everything about it. From the leaves changing and all the pretty colors (especially in the mountains!), the blue skies, the return of Gamecock football to Williams-Brice, and the cooler weather (though not so much present in Columbia ever), it all just makes me so happy. After fall, spring and winter probably tie for my second favorite season. I love winter because it is cold, and you can bundle up in warm winter coats and very cute handknits! And I like spring for its pretty flowers. Last of all, though, my least favorite season is summer. I have never been a huge fan of summer. It is always just soooooo HOT. Especially in Columbia. I hate hot weather. I like the beach, but am not a fan of all that sand! It just gets everywhere. I love being at the pool, but unless I am able to spend all my time there (which I'm not), I just do not like hot weather. However, there are some things about summertime that I can get a little excited about. After all, I try to find some things to appreciate about it. Here they are in no particular order:

- afternoon thunderstorms
- front porches
- a glass of wine
- a good book to read by the pool
- longer days
- friends
- summer concerts outdoors
- fireflies
- popsicles
- big, heavy raindrops
- cold drinks
- the 4th of July!
- grilling out
- rocking chairs
- pleasant evenings

What is your favorite season? Why? What do you like about summertime?


  1. Hammocks have become my favorite summertime thing. I don't have one but I plan on stealing one from moms exboyfriend soon. :)

  2. Summer:

    NOT the heat
    Carefreeness (no idea if that is a word) of sandals
    Getting a tan
    Being outside in general!

  3. YES! I love your reasons to love summer even if you don't really love summer. I also love fireflies and thunderstorms, grilling out and the 4th of July, plus some DC events like jazz (and wine) in the sculpture garden, which is like a big picnic every Friday after work, screens on the green, pool parties, the smell of honeysuckles, t-shirts, straw/black/blueberries, OKRA, and feeling alive! Fall and spring are also lovely, fall for the leaves and the smell of fires, butternut squash and pumpkins, new clothes and school supplies (back in the day, at least!). Spring for the flowers (I really like anemones and poppies), the beginning of green, and the anticipation of summer.

  4. Linds - so HAPPY you created a blog :) YAY! Something extra for me to read at work - ha.

    As for summer, what is better than MY BIRTHDAY???!!!! It's towards the end of summer but still, summer nonetheless! And I love to sit on the front porch and just sit and watch ... but I H-A-T-E mosquitos (they eat me EVERY SINGLE TIME I am outside)! I love having "summer drinks" - ya know, white liquor is more acceptable! I do love wearing flip flops to work and keeping the heels in the car just in case ... and I love the ability to wear a dress or skirt whenever I want w/o having to worry about panty hose ... which I rarely wear anyway! And I do love August weddings :) and August Anniversaries!! Um, that's it for now. Summer is my FAVORITE by far though!!


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