Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cinnamon M&M's

If you know my husband, you know how much he LOVES his plain M&M's. In fact, they were the theme of his groom's cake I got for him for our wedding.

However, he really only likes the plain ones, though I have gotten him to where he will at least eat the pretzel ones with me. Needless to say, anytime we are in Target (which is all the time, but no less than once a week), we have to take a stroll down the candy aisle. If only just to look to see if they are on sale.

So, we were doing just that the other day, and I found these:

Cinnamon M&M's! I love trying all the different types/flavors that come out from time to time, so we picked up a bag of these for me. And they are pretty good. Not too cinnamony though. The first couple of them taste cinnamony, but then the taste kinda fades and they just taste like regular M&M's, which you can't really complain about. I must say they aren't as good as these Chocolate Trio Premium M&M's we tried back around Valentine's Day. Those were AMAZING.

Anyone else tried these cinnamon M&M's? Did yours taste cinnamony the whole time? Have you ever had the Chocolate Trio? So good!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally got DVR!

So, my husband and I have apparently been living in the Stone Ages and just recently upgraded to digital cable with DVR. We've had it ALMOST a month now, and so far I am LOVING it. Although, I wouldn't say we are huge TV watchers. Jake definitely isn't. I used to be, but while I was studying for the CPA exam, I kinda quit watching most shows, even those that were my favorites. That pretty much continued up until we got DVR.

I'd watch my regular summer favorite, Big Brother, but I had stopped with old favorites like Grey's Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters before it went off the air. It was just too hard to keep up with the plot lines of shows that continued like those series.

So, now that the CPA exam is well behind me and now that we have DVR, I am trying to get back into TV! I just need to figure out when shows come on so I can set up the DVR to record. Two shows that are new this fall that I actually caught up with using the OnDemand feature are Up All Night and Revenge. Jake and I have been watching Up All Night periodically, but I just started watching Revenge over the weekend. We both enjoy Up All Night... it is amazing when a show can actually make Jake laugh out loud. And I am HOOKED on Revenge! I think the episodes I was able to watch are 4-6, so I need to go back and start from the beginning to find out a little more of the background, but it is SUCH a good show!

What are some other good shows, new this season or otherwise? Tell me what you're watching! Anyone else new to DVR? No? Just us then. Let me know!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things We're Thankful For

So, this is obviously late, but at least it's still November.
One day last week, I emailed Jake and asked for 10 things he is thankful for. Here is the list I got back:
1. You
2. Your Love
3. M&M’s
4. Computers
5. PC games
6. Working out
7. Overall general healthiness
8. Toilet paper
9. Vehicles
10. Air

So, then of course, he asked me for mine as well. This is what I came up with:

1. My sweet hubby, Jake
2. My mother for always being my best friend
3. My dad for teaching me valuable lessons and for fixing my car
4. My brother, Max
5. Blogs
6. Friends
8. DVR
9. Smart phones
10. My job & awesome boss
11. Taylor Swift!
We had a great Thanksgiving celebrating with my side of the family on Thanksgiving and Jake's parents on Saturday and eating the most delicious food. Hope everyone else had a great holiday, too! Now, on to Christmas!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Countdown to Taylor Swift!

Today begins the countdown to see Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour this Friday night! Being the superfan that I am, I couldn't be more excited!
Fun fact: I have met every single person in the above photo except for Taylor Swift herself. Ugh.

Love my Friends

Tonight, we drove up to Charlotte, NC to visit one of my best friends, Mandy. In recent months, her husband, Stephen (my fellow CPA), rebuilt the deck on the back of their house, and in recent weeks, put in new kitchen cabinets and countertops. PARTY! Although, I'm sad we don't live closer. Mandy and I met when we both worked at a credit union in Charlotte when I was in college, and we became best friends! She has since served as Matron of Honor in our wedding and had her first baby in February of this year. It has been so much fun sharing lives with a girlfriend as our families grow. To me, some friendships are really more like family. My friendship with her is one like that. One that I know will last forever. And don't even get me started on her handsome lil man! He is TOO cute! I cannot believe how much he has grown and that he will soon be a year old! He is such a happy baby! Anyway, we had such a great time tonight just visiting with our buddies low-key. Here is a picture of me with Mandy from last year:
We always love seeing you guys!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Joined a Gym...

and now I'm:

bringing sexy back! I'm also back posting on this blog after a year away from it. I think. We'll see how it goes.
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