Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cinnamon M&M's

If you know my husband, you know how much he LOVES his plain M&M's. In fact, they were the theme of his groom's cake I got for him for our wedding.

However, he really only likes the plain ones, though I have gotten him to where he will at least eat the pretzel ones with me. Needless to say, anytime we are in Target (which is all the time, but no less than once a week), we have to take a stroll down the candy aisle. If only just to look to see if they are on sale.

So, we were doing just that the other day, and I found these:

Cinnamon M&M's! I love trying all the different types/flavors that come out from time to time, so we picked up a bag of these for me. And they are pretty good. Not too cinnamony though. The first couple of them taste cinnamony, but then the taste kinda fades and they just taste like regular M&M's, which you can't really complain about. I must say they aren't as good as these Chocolate Trio Premium M&M's we tried back around Valentine's Day. Those were AMAZING.

Anyone else tried these cinnamon M&M's? Did yours taste cinnamony the whole time? Have you ever had the Chocolate Trio? So good!


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