Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things We're Thankful For

So, this is obviously late, but at least it's still November.
One day last week, I emailed Jake and asked for 10 things he is thankful for. Here is the list I got back:
1. You
2. Your Love
3. M&M’s
4. Computers
5. PC games
6. Working out
7. Overall general healthiness
8. Toilet paper
9. Vehicles
10. Air

So, then of course, he asked me for mine as well. This is what I came up with:

1. My sweet hubby, Jake
2. My mother for always being my best friend
3. My dad for teaching me valuable lessons and for fixing my car
4. My brother, Max
5. Blogs
6. Friends
8. DVR
9. Smart phones
10. My job & awesome boss
11. Taylor Swift!
We had a great Thanksgiving celebrating with my side of the family on Thanksgiving and Jake's parents on Saturday and eating the most delicious food. Hope everyone else had a great holiday, too! Now, on to Christmas!

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