Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 Days til Christmas!

and I am soooo excited! We've already given our kitties their Christmas present, because it came the other day, and since they don't know it isn't Christmas yet, we just went ahead with it. We got them the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. You see, one of them has this bad habit of wanting to get up in the bathroom sink and wait for us to turn on the faucet for him so he can drink. Naturally, we thought this pet fountain would be ideal with its adjustable stream of water. And it was for the first night and morning. Here is a picture from my cell phone of Milo drinking from it the first evening we set it up.
But, by the second evening, Milo was over it and wanted water from the sink again. Charlie (our cat who loves all things water), on the other hand, absolutely loves it. And it's already been worth the $38 we paid for it just to watch him play in it.
Oh yeah, and Charlie also loved the box.
Merry early Christmas, kitties!


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