Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who Says Engineers Aren't Creative?

So, I'm a CPA who currently works in a finance position, but most of the people I work with are engineers. Civil engineers to be specific. And this week at work, three of them decorated the end of our "hall" with this Christmas tree made from a string of blue Christmas lights. Then, we all decorated it with whatever we could find at our cubicles. Being in a civil engineering organization means we found things like a foam dumptruck, a foam hardhat, an "Engineer Working" roadsign, and the orange cone at the top hiding behind the star.

It has actually acquired a few other "ornaments" since I took this photo yesterday, but I forgot to take an updated pic. And see the actual ornaments on it? The red and gold Christmas balls? Yeah, those are actually leftover from last year's office Christmas decor which have been hanging on each of our nameplates since then. Oh yeah, and the orange cone at the top has since been moved to the bottom to serve as the tree's stump.

This wasn't the only thing they adorned our cubicle walls with either. They spelled out their team name in those same blue Christmas lights in another section of wall, too.

Anyway, it looks pretty good if you ask me. It's definitely festive. Anyone else's office getting a holiday makeover?


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