Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Phone Call from Santa

Yesterday at work, I was just sitting at my desk when my cell phone rang. I looked at my phone to see that it was my coworker, Carolyn, calling. Carolyn sits at a cubicle about, oh... 5 feet away.

Why was Carolyn calling you ask? Well, it wasn't actually Carolyn at all.

It was SANTA! hahahahaha It was Santa with the most hilariously awesome phone call ever. There are a surprising number of options you can select for various parts of Santa's message to really personalize the phone call.

After I got off the phone with Santa, Carolyn and I created a phone call for her boss. As the computer generated the phone call, we ran down the hall to his office to see the reaction when he answered a phone call from Santa at work.

We seriously had so much fun with this yesterday! I sent one to my boss after that, but he was not in his office, so it left him a Santa voicemail! hahahahaha We thought it would have been funny to send one to our bosses using their boss' phone number, so it would show up on their phone as being from him, and when they picked up the phone expecting to hear from the boss man, it would have actually just been Santa. We didn't do it, but it would totally have worked because it isn't like there is any notification that goes out to the "from" phone number you enter. It just shows up from that person on the receiver's caller ID.

It is definitely worth trying out. You can create a phone call and simply preview it for fun if actually sending one isn't your thing. Anyway, here is the link:


Has anyone else already sent someone a Santa phone call? Or been on the receiving end?


  1. I so have to do this to my husband today. Thanks for the fun link!

  2. haha, I sent one to the hubs the other day, too! I got an email from him afterward which simply said, "..............."


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