Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift!

My favorite's birthday is today! Taylor Swift is now 22.

And since I never blogged about it, here is one of my cell phone pics from when Jake took me to her concert here in Columbia on November 18th.

It was so much fun, as always! And one of the most exciting moments of my life happened there... when Taylor brought out special guest Darius Rucker to sing his song, "Alright". I knew it was a possibility that he might show up because I knew she'd been having special guests appear at some of her shows when she performed in their hometowns/states. I thought he'd be the perfect choice for her to have as a special guest here in Columbia, since he is from Charleston, which is just a short hour and a half or so away, and since he is a fellow gamecock! He went to school here in Columbia at USC, which is where he started Hootie and the Blowfish back in the day. So, of course, I lost my mind whenever he came out in his Carolina hat!

Here is a video of their performance I found on youtube:

Happy, happy birthday, Taylor!! Love, your biggest fan!


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