Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm SUCH a bad blogger

I'm excellent at following and reading others' blogs daily. More than daily in some cases. But, I am terrible at keeping up with my own blog. I can never think of anything that I could blog about that people would want to actually read. So, I just go on reading others' blogs. It's fun. I enjoy it. I want to have blog friends. But that's really hard when I NEVER BLOG. haha

Anyway, it's Friday at work, and I am about to move to a new cube... an upgrade, if you will. It comes complete with its own window to the outside world! And some really rad new shelves that my current cube doesn't have. It's gonna be AWESOME. So yeah, like I said, it's Friday at work. There are, like, 3 people here.

Happy Friday! Maybe you'll hear from me again soon if I don't fall off the face of the earth again.


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