Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flying Saucer 5k Race!

On Saturday, August 22nd, Jake, Dusty, and I ran in the Flying Saucer 5k. The race began at 8:30 am, and we got there just in time to get signed in and ready to run! Pictures from the race are HERE. Dustin is pictured on the far left in photo #30 at the beginning of the race, and pictures numbered 31 - 33 are of Jake and me at the beginning of the race. In #32, that is my old roommate, Amy, and her dog in front of us. A funny sequence of photos begins with #94 with a guy pushing a stroller crossing the finish line. In the verrrrry back of that picture is Dustin in a grey shirt and blue shorts. That's right, he was passed on the last stretch of the race by a guy pushing a stroller. hahaha You can see Dusty's race to the finish line through picture #105. He finished #37 overall in 21:48. Amy and her dog are seen finishing the race in picture #191. You can see Jake and me approaching and crossing the finish line in pictures numbered 281 - 283. Warning: these are HORRIBLE pictures of the both of us. hahahaha We finished the race in 37:06 and 37:07 (I beat Jake by a second). At the end of the race, the Flying Saucer provided beer, water, apples, bananas, and brats, which were all delicious and very well received by the runners. Here is a link to the results. We were worn out at the end of it, to say the least, but we were very proud of ourselves for actually getting up that early on a Saturday morning and running this race. Now, we can check one more thing off of our lists! And I was actually impressed with our time, as I thought it was going to be around 45 minutes. Next year, we hope to improve our time! Who wants to join us then??


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