Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ready for some football?!?!

Carolina football, that is! Football season has arrived! September 3rd was the Gamecocks' first game - away against NC State. One of the supervisors at work (Rick) had a few people over to his house to watch the game. He has a nice setup in his backyard... complete with pool, outdoor kitchen, a television, and SAND! Yes, that's right... his very own backyard beach! The Gamecocks managed to pull out a win for their first game with a score of 7-3. Thanks to Rick for having us over. It was a fun night!

Amanda and me

Some photos of Rick's backyard

This past Saturday was the Gamecocks' second game - away against Georgia. Dusty came over and joined Jake and me at the house to watch the game and have a lil bit of a party. It was a high-scoring game for both teams, but ultimately resulted in a loss for the Gamecocks at 41-37. We had a great time, despite the outcome of the game!

Also on Saturday, all my football tickets arrived in the mail! Now, I am all set to attend the first home game of the season this Saturday against Florida Atlantic. Can't wait to be back at Williams-Brice! GO GAMECOCKS!


  1. Psh... you didn't put the videos of your directions for making Pizza rolls on there!? Hahah, those games were a good time... but only thing made it horrible, they were GAMECOCKS. UGH. =D.

    P.S. Ricks back yard is like a tropical paradise... I walked in the gate and thought I should start digging for Caribbean Treasurers, then the palm trees start swaying... ah, it brought back the memories of my pirate days!

  2. I love Rick's yard. It'd be a great spot for an engagement party (wink, wink) ;)

    As for Dusty, I have some special words from Michele to tell him but I forgot to do so ... he just looked depressed at your house. Probably b/c he was around a CLEMSUX fan ... boooo. (Love ya Jake!)

    Screw a fake beach ... lets go to a real one Nov 6th!


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