Monday, June 22, 2009

Charleston Weekend!

Two weekends ago, I joined my dear friends Mandy and Crystal for a fun trip to Charleston, where we were able to stay with Mandy's friend, Paige, at her house down there. Thanks, Paige! We enjoyed ourselves TREMENDOUSLY! ...which is to be expected. We always have a good time.

Friday night, we ate at a sushi place, though I had General Tso's chicken, since I am not a sushi fan, and it was delicious! Then, we met up with Nicole's sister, Rachel, and her boyfriend, Tyler, for some drinks at Kickin' Chicken.
Saturday morning, we spent time on Folly beach, and we were able to get some sun! And as you can see from my earlier post, my white legs needed some desperately. Mission accomplished. I also got my picture taken with this awesome parrot! The bird's name was Wacko, and she apparently cannot say "Pretty Bird" even though she is, in fact, a pretty bird.

Then we went to lunch at Taco Boy which was mmm mmm good! I had a chorizo and potato taco and a chicken taco. Sooo yummy! However, the best part of our trip was probably Saturday night... first, a delicious dinner at The Noisy Oyster... I had clam strips and scallops. I. Love. Seafood.

THEN, and here is the BEST best part....................... we made our way over to Henry's and wandered on in, had a drink, and wandered on upstairs for the "live music" at 10 pm. Turns out, we all have a new favorite guitarist/singer.... JAMISUN! This guy was thoroughly entertaining and kept us there all night with his ability to play anything we requested.... with the exception of Taylor Swift. Even though he did play "Tim McGraw" for about 2 seconds. :) Anyway, we had a table right in front of where he was playing, and we sang along with him all night long. We are now facebook friends with him, and he has since let us know that we made him feel like a rockstar. Mission accomplished. Not only could he play all our requests, but we all fell in love with two of his original songs, "Facade" and "Perfect". He mostly plays in Charleston, however, Mandy, Crystal, and I are going to try to get him a show in either Columbia or Charlotte. If we are unsuccessful, we will just have to go see him again in Charleston. Either way, "We're tourin', ladies!!!!"

Sunday, we had lunch at an awesome burger joint down on Folly beach and then headed home.

What a fun weekend - good food, good drinks, great music, and FANTASTIC friends! Can't wait for our next trip!

My favorite line from "Facade":
"Just because she says she loves that song doesn't mean that she wants to sing along..."


  1. Sounds like you had a blast! Good blog.....Becca

  2. So glad you got to have a Charleston adventure. That place is so neat!

  3. That guy with the parrot is hot. Also, CHECK OUT YOUR BIKINI BODY!! WHOA MOMMA!


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