Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TV Star!

I am going to be on TELEVISION! hahahahaha

Last Thursday morning, I filmed a spot for Inspired Communities, the builder of my neighborhood. I was the featured resident for my neighborhood, Hampton Forest. I was interviewed by tylerontheradio from New 92!! How cool is that? And I didn't even realize at the time that that's who he was. hahaha

Anyway, I did a FANTASTIC job if I do say so myself. I did it in one take! They told me I did a good job... but I haven't seen any of it yet, so we shall see. We did film it a second time but not because I messed up, just so the cameraman could get closeups of me. hahahaha

The whole thing makes me absolutely crack up! I cannot WAIT to see the commercial on TV! Surely I am going to be the next breakout television star. Don't worry, I won't forget all of you little people...... :)

What can I say? I'm clearly a natural.

UPDATE: I am now facebook friends with Tyler Ryan (tylerontheradio) who interviewed me in the commercial... and since he works for the country radio station, guess who else he has interviewed. That's right.

Separated at birth.


  1. So... separated at birth means... restraining order? BTW... "comment on blog" has been achieved... WOOOOO. I want to high five taylor swift!

  2. LMAO! I hope someone YouTubes your commercial because I really want to see it!! And I heart your obsession with Taylor Swift. Maybe you can give her a nickname, like Taytay, or TS. Hahahaaa, neither of those sound very good, but you know her better, maybe you can come up with something else.

    Miss you!


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