Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fan mail for Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift! I. am. your. biggest. fan. You totally rock! And your hair is the best ever. I wish mine would look like yours. How excited I am at the thought of being at two of your shows back to back nights in September! It should be the MOST fun weekend! First, I will be seeing you in Greenville, SC on Friday, September 4th with my friend, Heather Ann... then on Saturday, September 5th, Heather Ann and I will be joined by my friend Amanda for the show in Charlotte, NC! I will be singing along like crazy to all your wonderful songs. And I love Kellie Pickler too! I can't wait!!!!!

Maybe we were separated at birth? :)




  1. Hahahahah! That's awesome, you even included pictures! Touche.

  2. ommmmmgggg...... i am laughing my butt off. can i please add your video no here about joe jonas sucking????

  3. Yes, I think you are long lost twins! And I am having a Sunday evening moment of my own (referencing your previous post), which I have pretty much every night! :) I heart you!


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