Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Study, study, study

Yesterday, I finally scheduled myself to take my first part of the CPA exam - Business Environment & Concepts (BEC). I signed up for Monday, August 17th at noon. I wanted to do it on a Monday so that I can study the entire weekend leading up to it, and I had the options of 8am, 11am, and noon that day. No brainer, right? Anyway, I had thought of scheduling it on the 24th or 31st of August to give myself a couple more weeks (since I can't take it in September), but Jake and his parents have invited me to the beach for a week from August 22nd - 29th, which I am soooo excited about, so that pushed the exam up to the 17th. That gives me 5 weeks from yesterday to study for this darn test. I think I can do it, though! I have been dabbling with studying for it a little ever since I mailed in my application back in May, but now I am in complete study mode. And I will definitely be glad when I finish on the 17th to have the rest of that week to get packed and ready for my beach trip! Wish me luck!


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